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Hub and Spoke 3
A collection of 18 new hub and spoke graphics.

Pie Arcs
A fresh new set of modern pie graphics for your library.

Add different styles of Kanban graphics to your library.

Smartphone UIs
A set of professionally designed, unique smartphone user interface graphics.

Use your new keyboard graphics to illustrate shortcuts, quick keys and modifier keys.

DevSecOps Graphics
18 traditional and innovative DevSecOps graphics ready to use.

Isometric Set 2
279+ new isometric graphics for business, training, engineering, maintenance, and much more.

Point to Point Timelines
Multiple timelines showing parallel and merged execution.

Road Graphics 2
Use your new road graphics to show timelines, pathways, and tell the story of your journey.

A collection of desktop, laptop, tablet, and smartphone computers.

Spiral Staircase Graphics
Spiral staircase graphics show progress and the iterative nature of the process.

Spiral Pie Graphics
Get these unique spiral pie graphics to show maturation, growth, and change.

Road Signs
Add 182 road signs to your Build-a-Graphic collection.

Road Graphics 3
Add 223 new, unique road graphics and elements right now.

14 vehicle graphics for use with your new road graphics.

Vehicle Highlights
Innovative ways to illuminate and highlight your ideas.

36 exclusive, new process and/or timeline graphics for your library.

Looping Pie Charts
Add 21 modern looping pie chart graphics to Build-a-Graphic now.

26 vector illustrations of people from around the world.

Iconic landmarks from around the world.

Traffic Lights
Use these traffic light graphics to show flow, governance, and other concepts.

Looping Callouts
Add these new, unique looping graphics to your library.

Building Cutaways
Home and office cutaways to illustrate flow, process, and other related content.

Isometric Security
New security and survellance graphics for Build-a-Graphic.

Isometric Hub and Spokes
Get these modern hub and spoke graphics to show collaboration, structure, and organization.

DNA Graphics
70+ professional DNA graphics to show teaming, synergy, collaboration, and many other concepts.

Isometric Military Personnel
93 military images for use in scenarios, training, battle space graphics, and other infographics.

Overview Graphics
Use these unique process diagrams to show a program overview or executive summary.

Isometric Venn Graphics
Add these innovative isometric Venn diagrams to support your messages and narrative.

Scale 2 Graphics
New receiving scale graphics to add to your balanced scale graphics.

Isometric Business Metaphors
27 new and completely editable isometric business metaphor graphics for your collection.

Tear Sheet Binder
New binder graphics to share your text, show your notes, or illustrate documentation.

Process/Timeline Numbers
24 new numbered process and/or timeline diagrams are available for immediate download.

3D Pie Stair
Get these 3D pie stair graphics to show progression, growth, and maturation.

Highlights and Quotes
Make important content jump off the page with these new designs.

Isometric Business Metaphors 2
New metaphors illustrating struggle, teamwork, challenge.

Isometric Animals
A collection of isometric animals for your growing library.

Use these new graphics to illustrate different types of force.

Isometric Day In The Life: Business
Use these amazing “day in the life” graphics to contextualize your content.

Isometric Day In The Life: Medical and Science
More amazing “day in the life” graphics to contextualize your content.

Isometric People 2
More isometric graphics for showing people doing different daily and work activities.

Chain Graphics
Add 134 new chain graphics to your library and illustrate connections, links, cohesion, and more.

Hub and Spoke 4
54 professional hub and spoke graphic variations to share your content and ideas.

Isometric Waterfall + Stair Graphics
36 unique waterfall and stair graphics for your library.

Isometric Dome 1
Several new isometric 100% editable Battlespace dome graphics.

Spiral Graphics 2
Unique spiral graphics depicting a repeatable, agile process and collaboration.

Adoption Radar
A set of radar / target graphics showing adoption phases.

Simple Process
41 simple, clean, modern, professional process diagram templates.

Isometric Electric + Power
Professional isometric graphics tailored for the electrical and power.

Conveyor Belt Graphics
Download these new conveyor belt graphics to show processes and automation.

Icons for Disabilities
70 new icons showing people with disabilities.

Isometric NOC
New graphics depicting (Network) Operating Centers to show OJT, oversight, or other related concepts.

Bridge Graphics 2
New simple, clean, modern bridge graphics that show transition, time, and/or a process.

Computer Callouts
Get 18 modern, professional computer callout graphics to highlight and emphasize important information.

Isometric Engine
Use this graphic to show a transformation or review process.

Agenda Slides
50 new graphics to use as agenda slides, lists, TOCs, chapters, and more.

Icons for Sports
100 new icons for sports, gaming, and competition metaphors and messages.

Org Charts 2
New org charts to add more variety to your existing organizational chart collection.

Big Data
A new set of exclusive graphics that shows data and information dissemination/distribution.

Big Data 2
35 more graphics that show data and information dissemination/distribution.

Icons for IT and Security
Add 92 new IT and security icons and symbols.

Pie Wedges
54 unique pie chart variations to show collections of related content.

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